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İzopoli was founded in 1983 and since then it has kept up with the changing times with its young, dynamic, and experienced staff, proceeding on its path by seeking solutions to the technological and industrial conditions that have been wearing away at the world and the environment. Through a partnership agreement, in 2006 it merged with the Irish company Kingspan, a world giant in the non-flammeable and non-flame-propagating sandwich panel sector.

As a company that put its signature under a first in the world and produced lock panels on a continuous line, is able to generate rational and sustainable solutions, is recognized by industrial professionals, and proved its quality in over 20 countries thanks to its ever-increasing references, today it is located in Holland, the center of its partnership. Its main partnership company is known under the name Kingspan MEATI B.V. Istanbul-based Kingspan Construction Elements covers the Middle Eastern countries, the African continent, Turkey, the Near East, and the Central Asian and Indian regions.

Kingspan produces 15,000 m2 of panels a day on continuous lines established at factories in Adana and Dubai. Among its product range are insulated panels addressing several different areas from industrial roof and facade cladding, to the food industry, cold storage, and process rooms.

At Kingspan MEATI B.V., the targeted mission is to achieve a leading position in the region when it comes to non-flammeable panel and cladding materials, and construction elements, and over the first 5 years to make a turnover of 250 million and produce 10 million m2 of fire-resistant insulated construction elements, reaching its deserved place in the sector.

President & Commercial Director