Well aware of countless benefits of export for companies, Kingspan – Izopoli continues to gain more grounds in the world markets with each passing day. As of today, a great part of its export transactions are with markets in Western and Eastern Asia and Northern Africa. In these regions, it continues its sale and marketing operations through representatives and agents in total thirty countries. Exporting 45% of its total production, Kingspan – Izopoli performs a great deal of its export transactions through sales offices subordinate to the regional sales directors.

 With observance of international quality standards and production in accordance with European Union norms, Kingspan-Izopoli has recently become more popular in projects of big companies operating in international arena. Kingspan-Izopoli, that has established a great reliance in all markets thanks to its service and technical assistances in addition to high quality production, aims at increasing versatility of its foreign market in coming years.