Companies' lifetime depends on their ability to innovate. This dictates that you must research and develop innovative products and services. In today's world, R&D activities take place in various fields like new product development, re-organizing production processes, interfusing inventions into production processes, marketing and market research, human resources development, etc.

In Izopoli we use R&D activities to prioritise customer satisfaction and health, be innovative, always keep in mind environmental issues in design, add to the country's pool of knowledge and technology, increase our market share, optimize cost-quality balance, increase efficiency in production and make our people love their jobs by helping them surface their researcher sides. Now with our new partnership with Kingspan Group of Ireland, Izopoli focus on new product development as well as existing products' quality improvement.

Today, Kingspan Izopoli constantly seek development and optimization in the current production plants and in the markets. Research is carried out utilizing renewed advanced laboratories and after certain stages, trial productions lead to tested and proven implementation within mass production process. Feedback is collected through seminars and introduction events in association with universities and technical NGOs. Studies are led meticulously with scientific methods.