Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

The Green Building Rating System has been developed by US Green Building Council (USGBC). The objective of the council is, first and foremost, to encourage and promote the proliferation of green buildings and to set up standards in parallel with the Kyoto Protocol, undersigned in compliance with The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Along the time since the foundation of USGBC in 1998, exactly 14.000 projects have been certificated as conforming to its standards and 99 km2 of construction area in 50 different States in the USA and 30 countries has been certified on investors’ application by the Council as conforming the standards it requires. 

LEED has supplied information for the benefit of the investorsince 1994. LEED supporters state that the one and important profit they have made by applying these standards is the opportunity to leave a livable world for the NEXT GENERATIONS.   

What LEED aims at

LEED is very precise about those construction practices which could cause environmental pollution, in which cases the LEED organization directly interferes the construction process, paying close attention to every phase and every issue of a construction from the building-up stage to the material to be used in the construction.

A building design and application that would conform rhe LEED specifications may seem, at the first sight, to be costlier than an old-fashion design would be, but when details are taken into consideration, Environmentally friendly buildings are proven to be more economical over the long run, due to their longer life spans and to the fact that bills would be far more moderate. 

Going even further, LEED declares that “The EFFICIENCY of those who work in green buildings increases by 2% thank to the comfort they provide.”  

Certification and Rating

To receive a LEED Certificate in accordance with USGBC, is only possible by observing these issues: 
•    Indoor Environmental Quality:  Its proportional effect is 23 and evaluated out of 15 points. 
•    Sustainable Sites: % 22 and evaluated out of 14 points in total. 
•    Material and Resources: % 20 is the percentage ratio and it is evaluated out of 13 points. 
•    Energy and Atmosphere: Its percentage is 27 and evaluated out of 17 points in total. 
•    Water Efficiency: is efficient by 8% and 5 points can be received in total.  

Therefore, to be able to receive a LEED certificate will only be possible by reaching the figures stated in the below chart, according the rating system outlined above.   











The relationship between Kingspan-İzopoli and Leed 

As the above chart illustrates, there is a direct relationship between the LEED Certification System and Kingspan-Izopoli Sandwich Panels; which can be clarified as follows;

1.    A building where Kingspan-Izopoli Sandwich Panels are used as siding material will provide a considerable amount of savings due to the right insulation applied, and, consequently, will emit minimum amount of gases due to the fact that the heating/cooling equipments would not work unnecessarily long. 

Looking at the issue from LEED’s point of view, the investor who has used sandwich panels gets 10 points of 17, just because he obeyed the building specifications stated under the heading ‘Energy and Atmosphere’. To get the whole of the 17 points, cooling/heating systems of other equipments should also conform to the standards and be environmentally friendly. 

1.    That the Kingspan-Izopoli panels directly installed on steel construction are dismountable and re-usable at another site; and even that panel usage permits minimal material losses, owing to that panels are very durable. 

The advantageous of this is, from LEED’s point of view, that it renders the site include the Category of ‘Sustainable Sites’, helping you to be awarded a LEED certificate with 11 points it would bring to you. 

1.    Keeping the assembly phase notably short, it is considered again under the heading ‘Indoor Environmental Quality’, which reflects on the LEED rating system as 2 points. 



There are lots of expense items related to construction and Kingspan-İzopoli Sandwich Panels, although one of those items, will enable us to collect 30 points, surpassing the 26-point upper threshold and thereby receiving a LEED Certificate.