Vural Karapinar farewell dinner.

On Monday September 20, a nice farewell dinner was organized for Mr. Vural Karapinar, one of our sales managers who served Izopoli for long years. In the farewell dinner, there was a wide range of participation from our employees in our headquarters to factory managers and regional sales managers.

In the dinner flavoured by quite pleasant and nice conversations, Mr. Karapinar shone out with his jokes and colourful personality, delivering gifts with witty jokes making all participating fellow friends smile. In the end of the dinner, a thank you plaque was given to Mr. Karapinar for his achievements and successful service in our company. Mr. Karapinar’s plaque was given by Architect Cezmi Yalım, ex deputy general manager of our company who greatly contributed to our company, standing as an example for everybody with his knowledge and manners.

We wish Mr. Vural Karapinar happiness and wellness, and continuation of his achievements in his future career.