Op-Ed / September

Ayşegül Saral 
Director of Ankara Region 
L’île Sürdürülebilir Yapı Teknolojileri

L’île Sürdürülebilir Yapı Teknolojiler was established in June 2015 in Ankara with the support of Kingspan İzopoli in order to walk together through the bridge between the Investor and User. 
Our goal is to provide users with sustainable and economic building materials manufactured by Kingspan İzopoli focused on energy saving solutions in the construction industry, as well as being a part of a sustainable operation.
Just a short time after our establishment, we hallmarked some groundbreaking achievements under innovation-driven initiatives of Kingspan İzopoli. One of such groundbreaking achievements is the Water and Fire Resistant Gypsum Board, which is our current subject of study.   
The product has been designed to provide quick and economic solutions for façade applications in public buildings. The R&D studies which started with the idea of manufacturing high volumes of exterior walls required to be manufactured in a tight period of time as required in one of our projects passed through the stages of meticulous sample productions, performance calculations and laboratory tests and has reached the certification stage.

Exterior Surface        Thickness: 0,70/1,00 mm 
                                   Forms: Smoothlambri / Microlambri / Megalambri / Superlambri 
                                   Optional color and paint (Spectrum / PVDF / PES) Sac
Thermal Insulation    Thickness: 50 / 100 mm 
                                   IPN Fire-safe foam thermal insulation filling 
Interior Surface        Thickness 12,5mm, Water Resistant Gypsum Panel 
Panel Width              1000 / 1200 mm
Panel Length            1000 / 8000 mm
Application               Horizontal / Vertical 



The product which can be applied in different thicknesses and sizes in every layer provides the required flexibility in terms of architecture, as well as enables use of different exterior surface forms and colors thus aesthetically satisfying the different tastes of users.  
The exterior surface which is Sheet ensures improved bearing and performance values, while the interior surface which is Gypsum Board ensures direct top coat application right after panel mounting without need for any other intermediate coats.
The output of the R&D studies is fire-resistant, economic, quickly applied, and aesthetic-looking sandwich panels which are suitable for being used in public spaces.