Op-Ed / October


Today we will introduce you one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan and with related to Azerbaijan bigest logistics center Project that we provide panels.


Shemkir is a province of Ganja city which is the Azerbaijan’s second bigest city after Baku.Shemkir is a very interesting history and also this history changed the face of this small city.In the year 1818 from Tbilisi-Georgia 194 German colonies settled to Shemkir under the names Yelenendorf  and Annenfeld.
During the world war I between Russia and Germany the colonies names changed to Annino which was also this small city name.In 1939 the city name changed to Şamxor and finaly at 1991 the city name changed to Shemkir which is todays name.



But you can easily see and feel the German style and culture as soon as you enter this small city .The roads are wide and very clean.The houses are stil in german style even the bigest hotel EXELCIOR HOTEL SHEMKIR.

You would feel yourself as if you are in a differnt country or in a a German subburb.
Now as Kingspan-İzopoli we are making the bigest logistics center with 69 cold rooms and around 40.000 sqm closed area in Shemkir city.


The Project is a Stone breaking and will be a landmark for Shemkir and for Azerbaijan.
In this Project the all the facade of the building is covered with Benchmark-Evolution series panels which will be used first time in any Azrebaijan Projects .
You can see some of the Shemkir and our Project pictures with some in at attached files.
Hope when it finished the Project will be one of our honoured refernnces for both Azerbaijan and and the region.

Kind regards,