Op-Ed / November


When I am asked to write an article for the Op-Ed November, first I thought to address a technical matter. When I was thinking about the topics and information sources, I started to remember my memories coming into my mind along with my friends associated with those memories. And that travel to the past inside my head started to shape my article… 
In these days, as I left 20 years behind in Izopoli, I am witnessing winding up of the Bolu facility, and establishment of a new manufacturing facility in Dubai. 
It is not quite possible to forget the pleasant tiredness and our shoulder to shoulder struggles in moving Izopoli forward up to these days, as well as the pleasant conversations, sweet and bitter memories and fellow friends associated with those memories, huh?  
Unfortunately, some of those friends are not alive now…. 
And some of them are either retired or left. Unfortunately, we are hearing about them very little in the daily hassle of the urban life… 
Yes, we had many nice memories with our fellow friends but we also passed through very difficult times. 
In 1997, our factory was completely burnt up, and we could meet our contractual obligations by supplying needs of our customers from other factories for months.
We witnessed the 1999 earthquake all together. We had to stay outdoors in containers together with the families of our employees in Bolu factory, yet we still continued to manufacture. 
We also suffered tremendous and shocking economic crises when we saw the rock bottom. However, we moved Izopoli forward with patient efforts of our fellow friends and significant support of Kıroğlu family.  
Now I want to leave those hard times back, and share with you some photos which will remind you some nice days.  I beg apology from my fellow old friends who are not seen in the available photos which I have. 
I would like to take this occasion to commemorate, in particular, our deceased fellow friends who showed great efforts, made great contributions, made up for our mistakes and put up with us; and thank all other fellow friends; and I also beg their apology for any faults and mistakes which we made, and wish them happiness, a healthy and successful life together with their beloved ones.  
Best Regards, 

Hasan ÇELİK 
Civil Engineer 
Izopoli Commercial Director / 


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