Op-Ed / December

Incredible India!!!


Why Incredible India? 

This might be a national advertising slogan, but India is a different country in every aspect and I would like to share with you both the history of India and the destinations that must be visited if you happen to go there one day. 

India, or officially Republic of India, is a south Asian country. The country ranks seventh globally in terms of the surface area, while second in terms of population density and it is the biggest democracy of the world. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean in the south, Arabian Sea in the west, and Bengal Gulf in the east, the country has a total sea cost of 7,517-kilometer-long. The neighboring countries of India are Pakistan in the west, People’s Republic of China, Nepal and Bhutan in the north-east, and Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east. Besides, it is very close to Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Indonesia. 
Indus Delta Civilization, the Indian Hemisphere, a region where there are historic trade routes and big empires, has been known throughout the history with its commercial and cultural richness. 

Besides being the cradle of the four important global religions, i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, the other religions such as Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam spread in the continent during the first millennium AD and shaped the different national cultures. 
India is a republic with parliamentary democracy that consists of 28 states and union territories. According to the exchange market figures, it is the twelfth biggest economy of the world and ranks fourth in terms of the purchasing power parity. Thanks to the economic reforms that have been implemented since 1991, it is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. However, the poverty and malnutrition rates are still very high and the literacy is very low. Taking an important place globally together with China, as the two countries with a population density above the 1 billion limit, India is going to be the world’s most populated country in the near future due to its higher population growth rate. 

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“India” in 5 Words:
Complexity, Simplicity, Spice, Color, Cinema
We can describe the city that is called as “Mumbai” by the Indian and as “Bombay” by the British colonial forces as “the Istanbul of India”. The Oscar awarded movie “Slumdog Millionaire” will remind you of many frames from Bombay that serves as the cultural, commercial, and financial center; however, Bombay has a lot more than that. The Iskcon Temple, Hedadve Temple, and Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum are only a few of the places that must be visited in Bombay. Visiting Bollywood studios, which is one of the signatures of India in the world’s cinema history, can be as attractive as visiting Universal Studios. 


The destinations that must be visited in New Delhi as the world’s 2nd most populated city and the capital city are: India Gate, Qutub Minar, Lodi Gardens, Dilli Haat, Humayun’s Tomb, Cuma Masjid, Red Fort, and Jain Temple. Further, New Delhi is the best Indian city for shopping. You can find tens of different authentic articles and Indian fabrics in Delhi’s big public markets and malls.


Majority of the buildings in Jaipur, which is also called as “the Pink City” and which is the biggest city of India’s Rajasthan state famous with its Maharajas, are painted in pink. Other places to visit in Jaipur are: Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort Palace, City Palace, Jai Mahal, and Monkey Temple. You also visit Jagdish Temple in Udaipur, another city of Rajasthan state. Jagdish is an Indo-Aryan temple with carvings on all of its walls and taking photograph indoor is strictly prohibited, as it is the case with all other temples. 

Executive Export Director

Op-Ed / November


When I am asked to write an article for the Op-Ed November, first I thought to address a technical matter. When I was thinking about the topics and information sources, I started to remember my memories coming into my mind along with my friends associated with those memories. And that travel to the past inside my head started to shape my article… 
In these days, as I left 20 years behind in Izopoli, I am witnessing winding up of the Bolu facility, and establishment of a new manufacturing facility in Dubai. 
It is not quite possible to forget the pleasant tiredness and our shoulder to shoulder struggles in moving Izopoli forward up to these days, as well as the pleasant conversations, sweet and bitter memories and fellow friends associated with those memories, huh?  
Unfortunately, some of those friends are not alive now…. 
And some of them are either retired or left. Unfortunately, we are hearing about them very little in the daily hassle of the urban life… 
Yes, we had many nice memories with our fellow friends but we also passed through very difficult times. 
In 1997, our factory was completely burnt up, and we could meet our contractual obligations by supplying needs of our customers from other factories for months.
We witnessed the 1999 earthquake all together. We had to stay outdoors in containers together with the families of our employees in Bolu factory, yet we still continued to manufacture. 
We also suffered tremendous and shocking economic crises when we saw the rock bottom. However, we moved Izopoli forward with patient efforts of our fellow friends and significant support of Kıroğlu family.  
Now I want to leave those hard times back, and share with you some photos which will remind you some nice days.  I beg apology from my fellow old friends who are not seen in the available photos which I have. 
I would like to take this occasion to commemorate, in particular, our deceased fellow friends who showed great efforts, made great contributions, made up for our mistakes and put up with us; and thank all other fellow friends; and I also beg their apology for any faults and mistakes which we made, and wish them happiness, a healthy and successful life together with their beloved ones.  
Best Regards, 

Hasan ÇELİK 
Civil Engineer 
Izopoli Commercial Director / 


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Op-Ed / October


Today we will introduce you one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan and with related to Azerbaijan bigest logistics center Project that we provide panels.


Shemkir is a province of Ganja city which is the Azerbaijan’s second bigest city after Baku.Shemkir is a very interesting history and also this history changed the face of this small city.In the year 1818 from Tbilisi-Georgia 194 German colonies settled to Shemkir under the names Yelenendorf  and Annenfeld.
During the world war I between Russia and Germany the colonies names changed to Annino which was also this small city name.In 1939 the city name changed to Şamxor and finaly at 1991 the city name changed to Shemkir which is todays name.



But you can easily see and feel the German style and culture as soon as you enter this small city .The roads are wide and very clean.The houses are stil in german style even the bigest hotel EXELCIOR HOTEL SHEMKIR.

You would feel yourself as if you are in a differnt country or in a a German subburb.
Now as Kingspan-İzopoli we are making the bigest logistics center with 69 cold rooms and around 40.000 sqm closed area in Shemkir city.


The Project is a Stone breaking and will be a landmark for Shemkir and for Azerbaijan.
In this Project the all the facade of the building is covered with Benchmark-Evolution series panels which will be used first time in any Azrebaijan Projects .
You can see some of the Shemkir and our Project pictures with some in at attached files.
Hope when it finished the Project will be one of our honoured refernnces for both Azerbaijan and and the region.

Kind regards,

Op-Ed / September

Ayşegül Saral 
Director of Ankara Region 
L’île Sürdürülebilir Yapı Teknolojileri

L’île Sürdürülebilir Yapı Teknolojiler was established in June 2015 in Ankara with the support of Kingspan İzopoli in order to walk together through the bridge between the Investor and User. 
Our goal is to provide users with sustainable and economic building materials manufactured by Kingspan İzopoli focused on energy saving solutions in the construction industry, as well as being a part of a sustainable operation.
Just a short time after our establishment, we hallmarked some groundbreaking achievements under innovation-driven initiatives of Kingspan İzopoli. One of such groundbreaking achievements is the Water and Fire Resistant Gypsum Board, which is our current subject of study.   
The product has been designed to provide quick and economic solutions for façade applications in public buildings. The R&D studies which started with the idea of manufacturing high volumes of exterior walls required to be manufactured in a tight period of time as required in one of our projects passed through the stages of meticulous sample productions, performance calculations and laboratory tests and has reached the certification stage.

Exterior Surface        Thickness: 0,70/1,00 mm 
                                   Forms: Smoothlambri / Microlambri / Megalambri / Superlambri 
                                   Optional color and paint (Spectrum / PVDF / PES) Sac
Thermal Insulation    Thickness: 50 / 100 mm 
                                   IPN Fire-safe foam thermal insulation filling 
Interior Surface        Thickness 12,5mm, Water Resistant Gypsum Panel 
Panel Width              1000 / 1200 mm
Panel Length            1000 / 8000 mm
Application               Horizontal / Vertical 



The product which can be applied in different thicknesses and sizes in every layer provides the required flexibility in terms of architecture, as well as enables use of different exterior surface forms and colors thus aesthetically satisfying the different tastes of users.  
The exterior surface which is Sheet ensures improved bearing and performance values, while the interior surface which is Gypsum Board ensures direct top coat application right after panel mounting without need for any other intermediate coats.
The output of the R&D studies is fire-resistant, economic, quickly applied, and aesthetic-looking sandwich panels which are suitable for being used in public spaces. 


After Foteg Istanbul 2015!

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all our visitors who visited our booth and gave us the chance to introduce them our new products in the Foteg 2015 fair organized in Istanbul from March 5 to 8.  We also would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all our fellow friends who did not leave us alone and paid courtesy visits to us.